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Sunday, August 23, 2009


In summary...

Block leave's over. BSLC a thing of the past. ASLC begins tomorrow. SDYD was good. Michelle T has just left for US to continue her studies.

Block leave - it ended WAY TOO EARLY
BSLC - after finding out i was posted to ASLC, i started to miss BSLC
ASLC - not looking forward to having to adjust all over again, i just wanna settle in one place and i'm not too sure if i can handle the demands needed to pass the course
SDYD - tiring, it was challenging but good time for renewal and once again reminded me to put Christ at my centre
Michelle - i'm praying that God blesses her and her family as she spends the next 4 years studying in US, Cornerstone's not gonna seem complete for a while and we're already missing her.
Law - i'm not too sure if i can handle law now, i still have 2 years to think about it though

Tonight doesn't feel good at all, knowing that i'm going in tomorrow and worrying about it even though i dun want to. Knowing that i should be enjoying this time with my family too. ahh...

Dear Lord,
I thank You for all Your blessings. For the family I have, for the protection You have offered us thus far, for Cornerstone. I thank You for the gift of my life but I need you more than ever right now. I'm tired, I'm losing my focus on You, I'm anxious about the future. Give me faith once again that I might have the courage and strength to face the challenges ahead. Be the lamp unto my feet Lord. Amen.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

2nd last week!


Exercise Wanderer (Tekong) on tuesday.
Exercise Grandslam (also Tekong) from wednesday to friday.
National Education 28km Route March (Mainland) on sunday.

After these 3 events... POP!!! One week block leave if I'm not wrong :D

- Michelle T's going overseas to study
- Liselle's going overseas to study




A phrase that keeps coming to mind since the previous week - "Creator or creation?"

I'm not really sure why it does though.

ok. this probably doesn't make any sense to anyone other than me. oh wells.

i'm having a sian feeling. that's not good. sian means bored. bored means purposeless. purposelessness means i've been neglecting God. this shouldn't be happening. i don't want that to be happening.

Dear Lord, be my guide. Be my shepherd. Be my shield. Be my refuge. Be my centre. Be behind me. Be before me. Be next to me. Be in me.

James out.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 weeks Outfield

... that's not too good... BUT on the other hand, i'm looking forward to finishing BSLC! just 4 more weeks to go!

it's been GREAT these few weeks i should say

i have so many upcoming church stuff. i'm glad but also can't help feeling it's a bit too much.


BLUE MOO once again! and it was cool LISELLE!

PS1: Someone told me not to say that someone told me to update my blog.
PS2: I got competition from 2 other people (LOL!!) so have to 'up' the stakes. (hahhahaaha)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


k. i dun think anyone reads my blog anymore cuz it's dead with the occasional 'heartbeat' like this post right here now.

Major things in my life at the moment:
1. I'm STILL in army. Specifically Basic Section Leader Course (BSLC) in School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC) for those who do not know. Many of my friends in Quebec from BMTC are also now with me in Echo company so that's a blessing. I can't help but feel grateful to GOD and those who have supported and still continues to support me all the way. Especially to Cornerstone. Haha.

2. I'm currently reading a book by C.S. Lewis called The Problem Of Pain having finished another of his books The Screwtape Letters earlier. Both books are FULL of insights, lots of input that also serve as an opportunity for personal reflection. Oh, I also finished reading a book called Surprised By The Truth 2 prepared by Patrick Madrid, a Catholic Apologist. The book's basically a compilation of TESTIMONIES given by converts (not only religious conversion but also a conversion of the heart). I have to say it brought back some of the 'fire' that was slowly dying in army and I'm grateful to GOD once again for giving me signs that I was drifting.

3. I find computer games rather meaningless nowadays. I suppose that's a good thing. Somehow time in the army served one purpose, it made me (or at least it's making me) treasure my time outside of army. I find great JOY spending time with my family, with Michelle and Cornerstone especially. It all just feels... Right. I find God in these relationships. I do think that the challenge I face now is to see God in other relationships - with my platoon mates and other people around me.

4. I injured myself recently on Passing Out Parade day in BMT a few weeks ago and it's affecting me now. Or rather, it's affecting my training. I'm a tad bit worried about what the future might hold for me. I hope I do not get OOCed (Out Of Course) because that would mean I have to recourse later on WITHOUT the friends I have with me now.

5. I'm praying for my dad's recovery.

6. Coming Saturday is Sports day and Family Visit day. Which therefore means booking out on saturday again... Well at least we only have to book in Sunday night. In fact, I'm going to book in soon. Have to be back at camp by 2230 tonight. Just went to see Transformers with a few friends and Michelle.

Dear Lord,
I thank You for all that You've blessed me with this past week. I'm tired and I often wonder what You have in store for me. When things get tough, I hope You will remind me that I'm going through all this so that I might be a better child of Yours. Sensitize me to all my complaints, make me aware of my whinings. Reveal to me all the things You have blessed me with so that I can continue praising and thanking You even when I don't feel like it. Amen.

James out.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Michelle!

yup yup. hope it was a happy and blessed 2 days for you. hehe.

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Memorable Day

yup :) tt's wat it was.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the CAT

i said i'll post bout it and so i will...

One day, the Youth in Church of St. Francis Xavier had a bible sharing session. The sharing group was small as a number of the usual people were off with Father Brian to climb Mount Kinabalu on holiday. Despite the smaller turn out, it was a good bible sharing session... For the Cornerstone community members that were there in any case.

And so Aloysius, Simeon, Michelle P, Gwendoline and James made their way home. Aloysius, Michelle and James decided to walk back as they usually do. The night was beautiful but it was getting late. Anyway, Aloysius and Michelle talked most of the way while James was having some trouble with his nose. He was listening to the conversation though. As the trio neared Michelle's place (a condominium called... umm I can't remember), they came across two cats. One a stray, lying on a grass patch and the other a domestic cat sitting on the pavement. They knew it was someone's pet because it had a red collar on it's neck. The pair looked very curious indeed for they were staring at each other in complete silence and stillness. Thus the trio decided to go around the cats so as not to disturb the pair. It didn't work.

The domestic cat (let's call it Kitty to make it easier) Kitty was shocked out of it's staring competition and thought to itself, gee these people look good... perhaps I should follow them. And so it did.

Michelle didn't like to be near animals and that was an understatement. She was afraid of being near them. Of course Kitty freaked her out quite badly. Aloysius and James (her friends in ordinary clothes) had to 'protect' her from Kitty. Kitty looked a tad bit hurt by that but still continued following the trio anyway. The trio were confused, "what in the world is the cat doing following us?!? They asked each other.

They even tested to see if the cat did indeed follow them by turning around and walking in the opposite direction. Lo and behold, Kitty patiently sat down and waited for the trio to come back again. Kitty must have thought to herself, Gosh this will be a long night. I want to find my way back home but I want some company too, these 3 gorgeous people aren't going to make this easy I suppose.

Eventually, Michelle managed to escape from the 'evil clutches' of Kitty (she was brown and white by the way), leaving just James and Aloysius to fend for themselves! Oh no!

In any case, James said "wow, I'm so gonna blog bout this. This is so cool. Let me take three videos and some pictures!" And just as he said he was going to do, he did.

Kitty did eventually follow the duo to the bus stop opposite James' house and waited with Aloysius for his bus.

That as they say is that. What happened to Kitty after the duo went home... Well, that is another story for another time (not like I know what did happen to Kitty in the end anyway).

PS: 'Asking the girl', they treat it as a compliment says a female friend. A male friend replies and says no guy actually thinks making the first move is a compliment. Well, both are right really. Making the first move is indeed a compliment since it does show that the girl has certain qualities that 'made' the guy decide to make it in the first place. The guy doesn't think of it as a compliment is also quite true I guess.

In actual fact, making that first move is such a HUGE compliment and it shouldn't even be considered a compliment but something more than that. So much so that many a times, girls don't even know how deep that actually is. To be willing to be be the one facing rejection so that the girl doesn't have to, that is what it truly is. They guy is HONOURING her by taking it upon himself to be that person. Girls might argue that it is the guy's duty and it is just wrong for the girl to make the first move (although not unheard of) just because it is. Honouring the girl is what it actually is all about. Surely the guy must see something in the girl if she is worth facing a possible rejection for right? It is indeed a compliment but more than just that.

The PS was just to show that I was listening that night. hehe...

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Evangelisation Talk on Sunday and Mission Talk at Risen Christ on Monday

OOh, my longest title Yet. (i doubt the post will be long though)

Anyway, that was cool! I AM SO PROUD OF THE STONERS! (Cornerstone ppl for those who have no idea what I'm talking about... wait... if you don't already know who stoners refer to... then you would probably STILL have no idea who Cornerstone ppl are LOL... and so... I'll ignore you ppl... hehe Joking!)

We are SO on fire now. For so long we've been 'stagnant' and really not contributing much to the Church. But now... we're off to a wonderful start. PPL are going like WOW! Cornerstone's stepping up AND setting the bar high! OF COURSE! THAT COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT ONE PERSON... the MOST important person! JESUS! YEAH! I'm PROUD TO SAY THAT! We have God to thank for so much, we really do. It is SO sad that we don't show our appreciation for all that He has given us often.

Now comes our next challenge... even more guys enlisting in the next month. Can we keep this flame burning? Nicole's away for a month in China too btw.

Oh dearest Father, thank you for being with me all through my life whether I choose to acknowledge it or not. Thank you for revealing more and more of yourself to me as the days pass, especially this past month. I have come to love you more and more each passing day. May I love you more as I learn more about you in the days to come. May I learn more about you as I love you more. O Lord, put in me a desire to share about you to those around me that they too might be able to rest in your loving embrace. By the death of your own begotten Son, you showed us how much you loved us, with a love that is far greater than any other. O Jesus, you who did not deserve to die took on the penalty of death we faced because of Sin so that we might live. And so I am YOUR Child Lord. I give you all my brokeness, for that is all I can offer. Help me love just as you loved me. Amen.

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KL Trip!

Long story short, Ernest, Michelle and myself went to KL to visit Sam :p

To make the long story short longer... some highlights (off the top of my head)
1. FOOD was good (ooh, they have A&W!!!)
2. Staying up late to watch TV and sing (?!?)
3. Twin Towers and KLCC
4. NOT being able to see fireflies (doesn't matter cuz the company was wat's impt)
6. CHIONGING FOR THE AIRPLANE (like Amazing Race) and managing to get on it 3 mins before gate closed (PHEW!!)
7. CAMWHORING - acting cute cuz forced by SOME ppl
8. taking loads of unglam shots of MICHELLE! (ALL ON FACEBOOK! GO CHECK!)
9. Getting irritated with some of the taxi drivers but not with others.
10. Buying loads of fish 'crackers' back to Singapore

To make the longer version of the long story cut short longer... I'll elaborate on a few points :p

9. TAXIs sooooo irrittating! especially when they keep trying to con us! eeeeeeeeee. but got some nice uncles la, those tt didn't try to con us. OH and 3 of them talked to me in either malay, dialect and some other language. hehe I can pass off as Chinese AND Malay. One was talking bout it being so easy to burn another person's car without the person not knowing what hit him. "buy one i burn one". hehe. He was teaching us moral lesson - dun anyhow do stupid things, you might be able to do anything you want today but u might piss some people off and they could take away that 'freedom' from you another day. So think before you act. lol. Words Of Wisdom...
Ooh, another taxi, the speed meter was spoilt so we didn't know how fast we went. Another taxi drove faster than all the motorcycles and was moving at around 90-100kmph half the time. :p so fun.

6. OMGosh! TT WAS NERVEWRECKING! WE ALMOST FRIGGIN' MISSED THE PLANE! We took the 3pm bus from Sentral to the airport (thought it would take one hour) but we arrived at 4.20-4.35pm around there. We were supposed to be there at 4pm. We rushed like siao, got ppl cut queue, and there was this boy who kept scolding his mother for cutting other people's queue (he has principle! kudos to you whoever you are) and said tt tt was y he gets more stress on holidays than spending a week studying for exams. LOL! we chionged and chionged... mich and ernie checked in their luggage. I didn't. So i sprinted with them with a very heavy and bulky bag. SIAN! Our hearts were racing like horses down a race track. hahaha. THAT WAS SO THRILLING but i NEVER want to experience that again.

1. Sam brought us to loads of places. So we ate. and ate. and ate. and ate some more. Plus for us Singaporeans, the food was SO MUCH CHEAPER! We could eat 2 and 2/5 portions more for the same price (PPP). WOW LOR! A&W! Wendy's! KFC! ALL the local FOOD! FANTASTIC!

5. yeah... they wanted to try Foot Reflexology. Interesting experience :p a bit painful at some parts only. we did it after having Bak Kut Teh (malaysian style) on the last day. not too bad la.

GO VISIT FACEBOOK for the Pictures!!!! and BERT! That was ME, JAMES! NOT CHRISTOPHER!!!!!

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